About Us

Serving authentic American burgers and other tasty treats since 1937!


Historic Roots, Modern Food

In 1937, Aubrey and Nona Lankford established Lankford Grocery & Market. Lankford's Grocery was established as a Mom and Pop Grocery store near Downtown Houston in the 4th Ward/Freedmen's Town area.

In the early 1980's the Lankford's Daughter, Eydie Lankford Prior, took control of the family business and transitioned it to an Icehouse and then ultimately what we are today as a Full-Service Restaurant. During Eydie's Leadership Tenure she oversaw many changes within the business but also in our community that we call home, which is now called Bellaire.

Over the years, we have successfully become known as serving the best burgers in Houston, we have been featured on the Food Network on Diner's, Drive-In's, and Dive's, and we have been featured on the Texas Bucket List as a must try restaurant.

Eydie retired in 2021 and the Leadership of the Family Business is now in our 3rd Generation with Paul and Jessica Prior leading the business. We are poised to carry on the Family Legacy as a Houston Institution as we look to grow our business throughout the Greater Houston area.